Monday, February 1, 2010

Today's Barbie Find

This morning my husband cleaned out the built-in storage shelves and compartments in our daughter's former bedroom to make room for his art supplies and other office paraphernalia.  He came into my office and handed me these black Barbie/Christie/Ken dolls, which had been part of our daughter's childhood collection. 

Also included in his find was a mint in package (until I opened it today) McDonald's Cool Clips Christie, package date 2000.  I can't imagine why it would be in Angie's room.  Her doll playing years were long over in the year 2000. 

After I tame the dolls' hair (with the exception of Perfume Giving Ken and Cool Clips Christie), wipe their bodies off and/or handwash their clothing, I plan to incorporate them into my collection.  I'm sure Angie won't mind.



  1. Don't you just love it when you find a forgotten treasure? Not too long ago, I found some Mickey Dees (Mc Donald's) Beanie Babies that were mint (in the package) lurking in a plastic storage bin in the garage. I'm sure that they have to be from the early 90's. I left them there because I was carrying some items in my hands. Your post just reminded me that I need to go and fish them out again and put them in the display case. Thanks!

    Your Christie is really cute in her sweater dress. LOL @ Perfume giving Ken.

  2. Congrats on your find, Debbie! They look sooo Eighties, LOL.

    Cute. Thanks for sharing.


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