Friday, March 12, 2010

Black Dolls From Around the World: Caribbean Islands

Visitors to any Caribbean island might see a variety of dolls dressed in brightly colored fabics with matching headscarfs and/or wearing straw hats and adorned with jewelry.  These dolls are made chiefly for the tourist trade.  Dolls like these have been both intentionally and unintentionally included in my collection.  The "unintentionals" were gifts from others.  Some are illustrated and captioned below.

Celluloid/plastic souvenir dolls; "Martinique" is printed on the skirt of the center doll, circa 1940s-1950s

Porcelain heads with cloth bodies and sewn-on clothing characterize this Caribbean doll trio.  Puerto Rico is written on the first doll's hat.

Dolls from Jamaica, Barbados, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, L-R, respectively

These are additional dark skinned souvenir dolls from various Caribbean Islands. The smallest was purchased during a friend's cruise to The Cayman Islands.

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