Friday, March 5, 2010

Got 10 Minutes?

In my Internet search for images of dark skinned dolls made in Brazil, I found a video of a doll test in Brazil that is similar to the original doll test conducted in the 1940s by Drs. Kenneth and Mamie Clark.

In this video, Brazilian children with various complexions are asked a series of questions regarding their preference for a pair of dolls:  a white Barbie versus So In Style Kara.

Because of the language barrier, I solicted the help of fellow doll enthusiast, Rossano Gomes of Brazil, to interpret what the children are being asked. 

Rossano said,
Sometimes the first question was: Which is prettier?
Sometimes it was which one would you prefer to play with?
Then the interviewer would ask which was prettier.
I think the 2 children that changed opinion where first asked which would they prefer to play with and then which was prettier (chosing first the black doll and then the white one as prettier).
Some black children answered that their skin color was white.
Please watch the 10-minute video and share your thoughts.

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  1. I would like to see this test done with these dolls:

    1. A black doll with blond hair and a white doll with dark hair

    2. Both dolls with blond hair (black one and white one)

    3. Both dolls with dark hair

    I wonder how much the hair color affects the child's choice. Hmmm ....

  2. Hmmm... is right, D7ana. I'm sure the results would vary given the variables you've suggested.



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