Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last Days?

I was shocked to hear about the 8.8 scale earthquake in Chile this past Saturday.  This devastating news in the aftermath of Haiti's earthquake only a few weeks ago caused me to pause and ponder the world situation.

The weather across the US has been far from normal -- 12.5 inches of snow in Texas is more snow than I have experienced probably cumulatively in my entire life here.  I realize this amount is a mere dusting compared to as much as 40-something inches of snow reportedly in certain areas this winter with forecasts of more to come.  Nonetheless, either amount is abnormal for the affected areas.  This makes me wonder, What is really going on? Is global warming taking effect? Has man destroyed the ozone?  Is the end nigh?

As a child old enough to be aware of adult conversations, I remember my mother predicting the bad weather that usually followed the launching of spacecrafts. Torrential rains and other unusual storms would always occur immediately after these launchings.  She would often quote Bible verses or paraphrase these to predict signs of the end.

We are living in the last days. 
The time will come when you can't tell male from female. 
The time will come when you can't tell one season from another. 
The Bible speaks of wars and rumors or wars.

Perhaps a rocket scientist can explain it or a theologian; and since I am neither, I will bring this blog down several notches to incorporate an image of a doll from Chile in this post.

Knit Chilean doll sold through Global Sister Goods

Dolls are therapeutic with the ability to calm your thoughts when the often harsh realities of life cause pause and worry about things beyond control.

I also want to share this link to an image of a little girl holding a Chilean doll.  Wouldn't we all love to be as perpetually happy as this little girl... holding nothing other than a special doll, surrounded by people we love who love us back?

I pray that Chile and its inhabitants recover quickly from the earthquake and rubble it caused, that they find or rediscover happiness, hope, and peace. I continue to pray the same prayer for the people of Haiti and anyone troubled by disaster or minor challenges.



  1. Sad to think of all those people in Haiti and in Chile.

    I'm so grateful that the weather seems to be improving here in Philly.

  2. Your Mom was paraphrasing Matthew chapter 24 in the Bible. The Bible also tells us to recognize the signs to prepare and attend to our business with God ( John 3:16, Romans 10:9) but sadly it also says many, many people will mock him instead.

    The Chilean Knit doll is simply adorable. I wish I could knit. I would certainly try to make her If I knew how.

  3. Thanks Hugs for the exact scripture. Pity on the mockers.

    Knitting is not one of my talents either.



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