Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Aaliyah and Amiri-Adam from Greece - A Quick Makeover

Last night I painted Baby Aaliyah's blue "tongue" using FolkArt acrylic color by Plaid, #753 Rose Chiffon.  I applied paint only to the tip of a fine-tip paint brush and "swabbed" the paint brush over the blue area inside her head.   I did the same thing for her brother this morning, whose "tongue" was bright red instead of blue, but discovered something strange. 

Amiri-Adam's tongue is not stationary like his sister's. It kept flopping around in his head each time I tried to apply paint; so I used tweezers to exteriorize it.  Pretty weird looking, right?

Next, I painted the outer area of this mysterious rubber thing and am now allowing it to dry.  After it dries, I'll reinsert it into his mouth in hopes of achieving a normal-colored, relatively stationary tongue.

By the way, Baby Aaliyah's artist-given name, original date and time of birth are:  Amya Jaysha, 01/09/01, 17:45.  I found this information on the flip side of her ID bracelet.  I never would have remembered this without looking.


Addendum, Friday, March 19, 2010, 17:59:  Here is Amiri-Adam's final photo for now before he and his sister are placed back on display.  Removing his head and the original rubber substance was required.  I painted a pink balloon using the Rose Chiffon paint and covered his mouth from the inside with it.  Polyfil stuffing keeps his new "tongue" in place.

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