Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Dolls From Around the World - Italy

Italy-based doll manufacturers past and/or present include Furga, Lenci, Sebino, and Zanini and Zambelli.  All, except Lenci, mainly produced dolls for the play market, but even those are considered collectible.

Furga – Appena Nati, which means newborn, is a 16-inch all vinyl, anatomically correct boy with black rooted hair, black stationary eyes; wears a disposable Pampers (that I probably added); came with red and white stripe cloth diaper, certificate, ID bracelet, gauze and tape for umbilical cord; made in the 1980s.

Furga – Florence is a 30-inch vinyl doll with cloth body. She has been redressed. Her original multicolored tunic, pink leggings, and white vinyl shoes with painted pink ribbon design are stored away.

Florence has brown stationary eyes and mounds of black rooted hair, which I prefer in an upswept style.

Lenci – Naomi is a 19-inch felt doll made in 1994. She has a dark brown wig and painted eyes. Naomi wears her original clothing.

Sebino – Cicciobello, Angelo Negro (Black Angel), is a 19-inch, vinyl with cloth body boy with black rooted hair, brown stationary eyes. He has a plastic ID medallion that bears his name; made in 1979.  I love his luscious lips!

Zaninni and Zambelli – Patrick and Julia are 21 inches, made of vinyl with cloth bodies. They have black rooted hair, black sleep eyes; made in 1986.

Zaninni and Zambelli – 25-inch vinyl doll with cloth body, has same attributes (other than size) as the two smaller Z&Z dolls in the previous image.



  1. Furga...I have him in my house just didn't have the accessories

    1. Hi Renise,

      The Furga baby is one of the first realistic babies added to my collection during the 1990s. They are even more realistic now, but he was a first for me.



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