Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Dolls From Around the World - New Zealand

Pedigree-Type Hard Plastic Walkers made in New Zealand

Identical to England-made Dixie and Mandy Lou by Pedigree, are these, Made in NZ-marked, 21-1/2-inch hard plastic, head-turning walkers, made between the 1940s and 1950s.  With a manual walking motion of their legs, their heads turn from side to side.  They both have flirty/follow-me eyes, astrakhan wigs, and closed mouths with slightly exaggerated, red-painted lips.  Except for the girl's lace-trimmed, nylon socks, both are redressed in period-appropriate clothing. 

Dixie and Mandy Lou by Pedigree were produced in greater numbers than my unnamed, NZ pair.  Mandy can be readily found on the British doll market, usually described as "Pedigree Black Hard Plastic Walker."  Dixie, like my NZ-made and marked pair, may be a little more difficult to find. 

Line Brothers of New Zealand, who manufactured Pedigree-type, hard plastic walkers, may have manufactured my brother and sister pair that interestingly were acquired from a seller in England. 

Images/Description of a Pedigree Mandy Lou that sold for $350 



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