Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Dolls from Around the World - Greece

Amiri-Adam and Baby Aaliyah from Greece

This brother/sister early "reborn" pair came to me by way of Athens, Greece in August 2001.  They were auctioned on eBay as "reborns" during the infancy phase of the doll art form known as reborning.  The seller, using these two LLorens-marked dolls, rooted one top and two side ponytails to the girl's hair (leaving the remaining, molded vinyl hair exposed), weighted their "pink" cloth bodies and heads, and manicured their fingernails and toenails.  The boy retains his original molded vinyl hair.  Both have their original eyes minus the now-removed upper eyelashes the seller added.

After they arrived, I wrote Baby Aaliyah's name, date and place of birth on her newborn ID bracelet and added synthetic hair to her exposed, molded vinyl hair.  Her brother's information was already on his bracelet.  Working from poor memory recall, I believe I changed the girl's name to Baby Aaliyah after she arrived.  I cannot begin to remember what it was originally.

According to the seller, she filled them with a material used for waterbeds in Greece.  Inside their open mouths is a blue rubber-appearing substance.  I might cover or paint this to match the normal color of the oral cavity before I place them back on their display shelf. 

I have not been able to locate information on a Llorens doll company or a doll artist by that name.  I am also not sure if the manufacturer of these dolls is based in Greece.  I am certain, however, that Amiri-Adam, and Baby Aaliyah, born 08/29/01, traveled from Greece to become members of my doll family.



Brooke Nicole said...

They are both adorable, but I am partial to baby girls. :-) Aaliyah looks so cuddly! I love her face. How are you going to paint over the blue rubber in her mouth? What type of paint are you planning to use? Looks like a tough job...

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi Brooke,

It does seem like a difficult task to cover the blue with paint, which is probably why I have left these babies as is for the past 9 years with their pacifiers in their mouths.

I was thinking about using acrylic paint, but I may just leave well enough alone.

Thanks for commenting!


Brooke Nicole said...

I understand, lol. Seems like a shame to cover those nice lips with pacifiers though. Be sure to post an updated photo if you do attempt to cover the blue rubber. :) I wish I had some ideas for ya, but I am stumped. Xoxo