Thursday, February 17, 2011

Need to See Actual Pictures...

...of this doll. 

Does anyone own the Michelle Obama Lifelike Doll by Danbury Mint?  She looks similar to their porcelain inaugural doll (that I returned); however, this one is vinyl and jointed.  Her features do not appear as well defined as Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama doll, and I am uncertain if the image on Danbury Mint's website is of the "actual" doll. 

I wrote Danbury Mint almost two weeks ago to request images of the actual doll, but the email has not been answered.  I like the outfit she's wearing, which is described on the Danbury Mint website as, "the outfit Michelle wore during the Black History Month gathering on February 9, 2009."  Liking the outfit is not enough for me to order.  I need to see what the actual doll looks like to stave off any disappointment that will result if the actual doll differs from the website image. 

If you own the Danbury Mint vinyl  Lifelike Michelle Obama doll and can share pictures with me, please do.

Thanks in advance.


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