Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Subtly Untroubled Tiana - Updated!

My trouble with Tonner's Tiana's eyes no longer exists.  I used the above items (a No. 2 pencil, white marker, ultra fine-tipped Sharpie, a toothpick and white acrylic paint) to make Tiana's eyes more aesthetically appealing to me.

What I did (as a novice):
  • I darkened the entire whites of her eyes with a No. 2 pencil.
  • Using the brown, ultra fine-tipped Sharpie*, I gave her the appearance of heavy eyeliner by outlining her eyes to include some of the original sclerae (the whites of her eyes).  This makes the eyeball appear smaller. 
  • Next, I used a white marker to recreate the sclerae in a size more proportionate to her other facial features.  (I really needed a fine-tipped marker to do this, but I used what I had on hand.)
  • Several hours later, I used a toothpick to dab white acrylic paint over the previously white inked area of her eyes.

Princess Tiana Before

Princess Tiana Now

Her eyes are brighter and appear smaller than before. It's really just an illusion, but I like the almost final result.  I need to fine tune the eyeliner (shaky hands), perhaps with brown acrylic paint and then (possibly) seal the paint with clear varnish.  I might skip the varnishing step, especially if I do not go over the eye lined area with brown acrylic paint.  The varnish and ink from the marker may not be a good mix. 

Anyway, I like her much better now!  I am able to look at her and smile and actually see her smile back at me without her over-sized, jaundiced-looking, fairyish eyes interfering. 

*To achieve a softer appearance, a tan ultra-fine tipped Sharpie might have been a better choice for the outlining eye color.

February 10, 2011 5:16 PM

To achieve a kinder, gentler eye appearance, I used toffee acrylic paint on the lower area of her eyes, which almost matches Princess T's complexion.  I've only applied one layer, but plan to apply another after the initial layer dries. 


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  1. Wow, great improvement. I never thought to use markers. I really have to do something with my S.I.S. Chaundra doll. Her side glance is ridiculously over done. Her eyes are so small, I may have to try the ultra, ultra fine marker. LOL!

  2. Interesting change. I think I prefer the original eyes though. Glad you are pleased with your changes.

  3. Congratulations on your successful re-painting! Thanks for sharing!


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