Thursday, February 10, 2011

BDHT: Shindana's Slade, OJ, and Dr. J.

Shindana Toys Inc. created toys for girls and boys.  Three such boy toys are Slade Super Agent ©1975, OJ Simpson ©1975, and Dr. J. ©1976.  All three are 9-1/2 inch, jointed figures with accessories.

Instead of weapons, which the company was opposed to including with their toys, Slade Super Agent, stock #9010, has a back pack with a special signaling device.  Slade wears a brown faux leather suit, orange turtleneck, and brown shoes.  The Super Agent Set, #9020includes the basic doll with additional accessories, and an extra silver protective suit, front wrap, and gloves.

The back of Slade's box reads: 

From the neighborhood, the war, and college he learned it all!
The neighborhood:
He learned how to survive by knowing, understanding, and dealing with people.

The War:
Taught him how to survive by going for days without food or sleep.  How to track without being seen.  He learned hand to hand combat:  weapons, communications, underwater diving & sky diving.

He learned to live through education.  Being strong in math, computer electronics, & business; he searched for a job to make use of all his talents, his thirst for thrill and adventure, his hunger for more excitement & knowledge.  With crime & corruption overtaking our world, his search was ended. 

Code Name:  SLADE
                      Super Agent

The 1976 Shindana Catalogue describes the O. J. Simpson action figure as:
The Juice is on the loose this season as Shindana introduces the only doll in the likeness of All-American running back O. J. Simpson. O. J. is a 9-1/2" male action figure, featuring a fully-jointed vinyl body, that is sure to score this year.

Shindana's doll artists successfully captured (no pun intended) O. J.'s likeness.
O. J. Super Pro, stock #9000, includes the basic doll with helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, two-toned football shoes, striped socks and football.

O. J. Super Pro Set, stock #9005, includes everything in the pro set in addition to a complete assortment of athletic accessories, a tank top and shorts set; a running suit; three track hurdles; a row boat with two oars; a tennis racket, tennis ball, tennis outfit; and a set of weights with two stands.

Dr. J. Super Pro, Shindana's stock #9025 includes the 9-1/2-inch figure wearing basketball suit, wrist and knee pads, striped socks and white shoes.

Dr. J. Super Pro Set #9030 includes the basic doll plus two basketballs, basketball goal, running suit, sweat socks, basketball sneakers, jumpsuit, boots, camera, and tennis racket with frame.

The Dr. J. action figure reflects Dr. J.'s  1970s image.

Additional images and information on Slade Super Agent,  O. J. Simpson, and other dolls and toys by Shindana Toys Inc. are included in the Shindana 1976 Catalogue.  The Dr. J. action figure appears in the 1977 Shindana Catalogue.   During this time (1976/1977), the company prided itself on being a "manufacturer of the world's most complete line of Black toys."


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