Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Tyra Banks Look-a-Like

One of my blog readers shared a link to the Otaku 1.0 Female Tan Body figure imaged above.  She asked, "Have you seen this Tyra Banks looking doll?"  I was familiar with this figure because a fellow collector owns it and has shared pictures.  I had not seriously considered owning one until the reader directed me to the website offering it for sale.  I also checked eBay for prices.

The figure arrived yesterday.  Ready for dressing, posing, and playing, I opened the box and removed my Tyra Banks look-a-like from the clear cellophane package.  I attempted to remove the "man hands" to replace them with one of the other two pairs of more feminine-looking hands, but the original hands were on too tight. 

Extra hands

I suddenly remembered the email I received from the other collector who owns the same figure.  She warned that the figure is not very well made, the joints are tight, and that a blow dryer may be required to loosen up the joints.  Hmmm... I thought, maybe they've improved the construct since this is at least the second production of this figure.

No such luck, at least not for me.  After the slightest bit of manipulation to test the figure's 25+ points of articulation, the left foot came off!  I immediately emailed the merchant to find out what I need to do to get a replacement. Less than 5 minutes later, the figure's upper right leg joint broke; and less than a minute after that, the knee joint broke!

The figure is propped up on the broken foot.

After the figure broke in three places, I received a reply from the merchant asking if the feet are removable.  I replied, "No, but since my initial contact with you, the other leg has broken in two places.  Please advise how I should proceed."

I'm waiting to hear back from them.  In the meantime, I have returned the figure to the cellophane package and the shipping box in anticipation of receiving a return shipping label and a full credit for the amount paid.  I don't want a replacement.

[huge sigh]


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  1. That's crazy! I've never heard of a doll just falling apart like that. She did remind me of Tyra, but those eyes are spooky.

  2. Yes, it was a pretty wild experience, Vanessa.

    She's not the prettiest doll on the shelf, but I was looking forward to having fun posing her and finding something to fit her muscular physique. That will not happen. The merchant emailed a UPS return label to me yesterday and I've sent her trucking back to them. I will be issued a full refund after they receive her.

    I have had a similar doll by a different manufacture for almost two years that I have never deboxed. I guess I will attempt to redress her soon and hope she does not fall apart.


  3. I have seen this doll among Roxanne's dolls, and I always thought she was scary looking. Something about her eyes ....

    Thanks for the warning about the easy breaking. Sigh.


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