Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stars 'n Stripes Army Barbie & Ken Deluxe Set...

...Rendezvous with Destiny, box date 1992.

I found this boxed set in my file cabinet today, too.   Unlike Dream Wedding Barbie, I knew this was in the file cabinet.

The back of the box has a price sticker that reads:  Sandy's Dolls & Collectibles with $46 written on the sticker.  I cannot believe I paid as much for this set.


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  1. They're a cute set, DBG. My eyes opened at the price, but I think it was the black-dolls-in-military wear that got you to get them.

    You wouldn't want to know what I paid for the Tango Barbie and Ken set. Then when the price shot down - as I should have expected - well, I was almost crying ;-P . Almost.

  2. D7ana - You and I could both consider ourselves fortunate if (for me) Stars and Stripes and (for you) Tango Barbie and Ken were the only dolls in our collections we paid too much for. We live and we learn, right?



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