Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rachel and Amos

Rachel and Amos by Cranston Print Works Co.

Rachel (who is missing her separate rabbit, Cotton-Tail) and her brother Amos (who is missing his dog, Spot) were available as dolls with separate furry friends to sew at home in fabric stores during the 1980s. They are from the "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" series. The completed dolls stand 18-1/2 inches. Each doll has its own story, which was printed on cloth and included with each kit. My dolls are missing their cloth-printed stories, but I was able to locate the stories in Myla Perkins' Black Dolls:  An Identification and Value Guide 1820-1991, pages 72-73.  Their stories are as follows:

Rachel lives on a big, old farm with her parents and her brother Amos. Rachel likes to help her mother in the kitchen and she knows how to make wonderful blueberry muffins. Rachel goes to Sunday School and can recite the names of all the books in the Bible. There are lots of animals on the farm and she has her very own rabbits to raise. Here she is shown with Cotton-Tail (her favorite) and one of the new baby rabbits.

Amos lives on a farm with his parents and his sister, Rachel, and his dog, Spot. There are lots of animals on the farm and Amos likes them all. His favorites are the horses and sometimes his father lets him hitch up the team and drive to town with him. In the winter, Amos goes to school and is a good student. However, he likes summer best because there are so many interesting things to do around the farm... picking (and eating) strawberries... caring for the newborn animals and going fishing with Spot.

These two were already sewn in someone else's home before entering my collection with Eve, and it's a good thing they were because I do not sew.

Before publishing this blog, I decided to do a curious collector Internet search for this pair.  Voila!  I found a pattern for each listed in a separate auction on eBay.  The links follow:

Rachel and Cotton-Tail
Amos and Spot

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with and do not know the seller of these patterns. 


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