Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Madam C. J. Walker by Madame Alexander - Updated Merchant Info

C. J. Walker by Madame Alexander  uses the 10-inch Cissette body - photo is from the 2011 Alexander catalogue

Yesterday, I added this lovely doll to my list of doll "needs" (not wants, needs).  The C. J. Walker doll, inspired by the first African American millionairess, Madam C. J. Walker,  is one of several new African American dolls by Madame Alexander that will be introduced later this year.  After browsing their online catalogue yesterday, I was amazed at the amount of new AA doll additions... truly amazed.  Many of these are added to my "needs" list as well, especially Princess Tiana and Ribbon Candy Ballerina. 

I shopped around briefly for the best prices on the dolls I desire.  Matilda Dolls, thus far, seems to offer the most attractive prices with free shipping on orders over $50, an optional layaway,  and 5% off (most dolls; there are exceptions) with the use of the code "Matilda" at checkout. 

The Doll Market's prices are competitive, but their shipping is not. 

For the full retail price, this new line of dolls can also be ordered directly from the Madame Alexander website.  Follow the previous link to view the company's entire 2011 line. 

Thank you Madame Alexander for listening to the collective cries of collectors who voiced their desire for more African American dolls.  We appreciate your efforts!

February 3, 2011 - Thanks to another collector who shared price comparison findings, I now know that Madame's Dollhouse has lower prices on Madame Alexander dolls than all other merchant's mentioned above.   Madame's Dollhouse has additional perks as well. 

1.  Free shipping for all orders over $75 within the continental US.
2.  Rewards Program -  Become eligible for this after your initial purchase and earn 1 point* toward future purchases for every $50 you spend FOR A LIFETIME. You must set-up an account or if you have an account you are all set - (no credit card information is stored) and then sign-in to accumulate or cash-in points.  *1 point redeems for $1.
3. Collector's Club - Membership in their collector's club is free and provides a 5% discount off regular prices.  You become eligible for the Collector's Club after your initial purchase.  To become a member, make a purchase and  email them to let them know you've made the purchase and want to join their collector's club.  This will activate your membership.  The next time you sign in to make a purchase, the visible prices will be 5% lower than normal.


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  1. I am impressed that they did a C.J. Walker doll. I, too, love that Princess Tiana doll.


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