Thursday, January 13, 2022

Mystery French (?) Doll Followup #3

Illustration of an unknown doll purchased in Paris, France in approximately 1976—a doll that could have been made in Italy, Belgium, or another country in close proximity to France

Readers are referred to two previous blog posts written in an attempt to help a Nod Bureau of Investigation (NBI) reporter help a woman identify her childhood doll (based on the illustration above).

The first post about this doll was published on June 1, 2018, where I solicited help from blog readers to help with the doll's ID. That post can be read here

Then, in August 2018, I published a follow-up post that included a link to a podcast interview of the woman who was seeking the doll's ID. That post can be read here.

Last week, I saw an eBay auction for a male doll that looks quite similar to the illustration of the mystery doll. I emailed the NBI reporter to share the link to the auction hoping the reporter could share it with the woman. My email to the reporter remains unanswered. With the eBay seller's permission (oldmancotton), I am publishing two of the auction photos in hopes that the woman will find this blog post and can determine if the doll in the auction is like the one she owned as a child.

Oldmancotton, an eBay seller offered this doll on eBay.

Full-length view of eBay seller, oldmancotton's doll.

Oldmancotton, the seller, identifies the doll as "Vintage 1950s Brev doll Italy." The doll might have been made later than 1950 and there might have been a female counterpart.  The illustrated doll and the actual doll look too similar not to be the same. Additionally, Brev usually is the abbreviation for brevetatto, which means patent in Italian.  

I hope the woman sees this post or the eBay auction before it ends.


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aprilperlowski said...

A fellow doll collector owns two dolls like this, they are Dedo dolls from Italy in the 1950s. You can go the the Friends of the UFDC Museum Facebook group, which you are a member of, and search "Dedo" and "Kathy" to see them.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thank you, April. I will take a look.