Friday, October 9, 2009

Talking About Bad and Good Hair

In an attempt to eliminate the frizz from the ends of Artsy's hair, I heavily moussed it, rolled the ends using rod rollers, and allowed it to dry before removing the rollers and gingerly finger combing it.  Finally, I used 24-hour hold hairspray to maintain the set.

(The first image, above, is my grandson's unbraided, washed hair*. The second image, above, is Artsy's hair before resetting.)

Several images of the doll's hair after setting follow:

What a difference a combination of mousse, rod rollers, hairspray, caring hands, and patience make!  Artsy's hair looks very good now!

*At his request, after growing his hair for multiple years, my now 8-year-old grandson's beautiful braids have been cut.



  1. She looks mahvelous!! Thanks for sharing this Debbie.

  2. She looks like she's very happy with her new style! She looks great!

  3. Thanks, Ebony Nicole! Are you referring to my grandson or the doll? If the reference is to my grandson's hair -- his resulted from doing absolutely nothing to it except keeping it braided for extended periods and washing it until he was maybe 5 when he received his first haircut. We allowed it to grow back for another two years during which time the braiding resumed. He requested a haircut at age 6 and wore a crew cut to now an afro at age 8.

  4. LOLOLOL, I was referring to the doll but your grandson hair is good too!


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