Friday, October 16, 2009

Thank you, Stacey!

This is a "lazy" picture of my S.I.S. dolls (I didn't want to disturb the stacked-up-the-wall display by photographing them individually.  I need to create space for S.I.S. Stylin Hair Grace, who has yet to arrive). 

This doll line has received some negative press in the past week or so.  To counter the negative, I blogged my
kudos to the dolls' designer, Stacey McBride Irby, here.

By the way, tweeters can follow McBride-Irby here

dbg ◦


  1. When shelf space and other doll display areas are occupied to full capacity, walls are the next best option.


  2. At least you have them in some type of display. Currently I have boxes on top of each other on a table, because I need to find a spot for them. LOL!

  3. Copying Diva Nay here, I love the Doll Display Wall. May I ask how the doll boxes are attached to the wall? Inquiring (and storage challenged LOL) collector would like to know ;-D

  4. D7ana,

    The boxes are not attached to the wall. They are stacked one on top of the other against the wall. The bottom row of boxes sits on the back edge of my computer table behind my monitor and CPU. I took another photo from a different angle, which provides a clearer

  5. Ohhhh! I love seeing how other collectors' display their dolls. Thanks for sharing that photo, Debbie.


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