Sunday, October 11, 2009

One More World Peacekeepers Added to the Mix

I visited Big Lots on Saturday and browsed the remaining World Peacekeepers action figures.  I purchased one final figure that I had declined purchasing at the time of my other WPK purchases.  This one has the same face mold as  World Peacekeepers Green Beret action figure, but his outfit differs to reflect his CIA SOG (Special Operation Group) status.  It consists of a black T-shirt, khaki fatigues, black flak vest, camouflage cap, sunglasses, wrist watch, and much to my surprise when I opened the box this morning, tan low-top boots/sneakers (as opposed to military boots or other military foot gear).  Like the others, his weapons will be removed and stored. 

SOG doesn't need weapons when he has his pick of 11-1/2 inchers to accompany him on display:  Desiree-Adria (my Barbie Fashionista), Boogie Beach Reese (after the replacement arrives, which is on the way from the merchant), or Electro-Pop Dayle, who was recently released from her box.

Electro-Pop Dayle

dbg ◦


  1. The quality of the World Peacekeepers' civilian clothes is good, considering they aren't fashion dolls, I think. Their clothes are more masculine, too, than most Kenwear.

  2. Ken definitely needs a new fashion designer or two.

  3. Yes, poor Ken.

    But think about the Mattel princes ... they definitely have it worse regarding clothes LOL.


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