Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Peacekeepers~Comparison Headshot

This is a comparison headshot of the four World Peacekeepers action figures purchased from Big Lots on various occasions. From left to right they are:  WPK Parajumper, WPK Green Beret, WPK CIA SOG (Special Operation Group), and Navy Seals Tunnel Hunter.  The two in the middle share the same head sculpt.

These guys make perfect companions for 11-1/2-to-12-inch fashion dolls.

dbg ◦


  1. Yes, they are nice companions for 11 1/2-12" dolls.

  2. I collect Peacekeepers and I have only found one African-American. He is my favorite new doll and I made him the top NCO in my elite unit. We collect all colors of Barbie, Ken, etc. because it reflects our world view of what makes America. I agree that we need more AA Kens, and a 2017 Silkstone would be an awesome proposal.

    1. Your collection sounds fabulous!

      I haven't seen any AA WPKs or Power Team Elite guys in this area in years. The last one I purchased was a handsome Asian guy that you can see here.

      I am still waiting for Mattel to produce the AA Silkstone Ken. A couple of months ago, I wrote Mattel which included the link to the petition and pointed out the intense interest in the doll. I received a reply letter thanking me for the feedback, which indicated my suggestion would be forwarded to the appropriate people. We shall see.

      I am not sure if Mattel planned to mass produce versions of the one-of-a-kind Gabby Douglas Barbie that is part of their "Sheroes" campaign; or if the petition to produce that doll helped it become a reality. The production Gabby Douglas Barbie was seen just yesterday on eBay and is scheduled to be released to retailers by Mattel this spring. My motto is, "It never hurts to ask."



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