Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Little Eagle Will Soon Soar (or be in flight)

Faith and Miracle, Native Australian Dolls by Wendy Frank

After Faith and Miracle arrived last month, I immediately craved a little brother for them.  They wanted one,  too.  I asked their talented artist, Wendy Frank, to make a boy according to my specifications.  She did.  Approximately three weeks ago, Wendy emailed an image of my little boy's completed head to me.  It met with my approval.

This past Friday, she emailed images of the completed doll.  After making a few minor changes that I requested, I am thrilled (Faith and Miracle are, too) that my little redheaded boy, Faith and Miracle's little brother, will soon travel from Australia to the US to unite with me, the girls, and the other inanimate three-dimensional, nonbreathers in the collection. 

By the way, Wendy named my little boy, Mullyan, which means eagle.  I will call him Yanni, which is Hebrew for "God is gracious" or "the Lord is gracious."  Yanni is approximately 16-1/2 inches (42 cm) tall.  His sisters stand 17 inches (43 cm).

Read about how Faith and Miracle found me here.

Learn more about the artist and her delightful Lenci/ Kathe Kruse-style, one-of-a-kind dolls here.

dbg (Faith, Miracle, and Yanni's mom) ◦


  1. Yanni is adorable! I think I need a boy now. LOL!! I had posted a blog about my girl today. I just love her!! Wendy is indeed talented.

  2. Thanks Diva Nay! I'm glad you're pleased with your girl. Yes, Wendy is very talented... very! I'll go take a peek at your blog now.


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