Friday, October 9, 2009

I Finally Found Artsy!

Over the past few weeks, I periodically visited the physical Toys R Us store (before discovering their online price discrepancy on another doll line*) in an attempt to locate Barbie Fashionistas Artsy doll (the featured doll).  Later, multiple visits to Wal-Mart and a visit earlier this week to Target to catch their $9.99 sale were unfruitful. 

Yesterday, I reluctantly visited TRU where I finally found "Artsy."  I had to pay more for the doll at TRU ($11.99) compared  to this week's Target sale price and Wal-Mart's regular price of  $10 and change, but at least the hunt is over! 

  • Love her ability to pose, although I haven't tried posing her in 100 positions just yet.
  • The doll is very photogenic (as illustrated at this link... I had big fun).
  • Her bohemian-style outfit is nice; I love the brown and pink color combinations (but I've already redressed her!).
  • Her boots have a back slit for ease of doffing and donning.
  • I like her facial sculpt.
  • I also like her skin tone and hair color combinations.
  • The dress is way too short... don't bend over, Artsy!
  • The molded-on flesh-tone undies give a pantiless appearance... again, don't bend over Artsy.
  • The foot size is too small for her body.  Mattel... can you please give Barbie and Friends feet that are proportionate to their bodies?  
  • I dislike the poor quality hair.  The ends are frizzy and very unruly.  This is my biggest problem with the doll... I hate the hair.
Since the pros outweigh the cons, I do like the doll. I'd like her more with better quality hair and the addition of undies.  I can overlook the "baby" feet.


*TRU Online Price Discrepancy and TRU Online Price Discrepancy Followup (The physical store's price for all dolls was the same, however.) ◦


  1. Thanks for the review Debbie, and I love the photo set!

  2. Thanks for the review, Debbie! Glad to see you got her.

    You can also get that face as a Bride and as a ... Vet, I think. Check my blog entry for today.

    Thanks in advance ;-D

  3. Hey, I just bought Artsy for my 4 yr old daughter. She loves it. But let me tell you this, Debbie, I found Artsy at KROGER'S. I don't know where you live but Im here in Louisville, KY and they had several Fashionistas with a REGULAR price tag of $9.99. So definitely check your grocery store for some things.

    Also, I will have to admit, she's the hottest black doll I've ever seen. They do need to do something about her undies because I noticed that and my munchkin noticed it as well.

    Anyway, now where can I get more clothes for her from?

  4. Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and most stores that carry Barbie sell extra clothing for Barbie and friends.



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