Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doll Fashions and Shoes

Within the past three weeks or so, I have received a couple of doll fashions and two pairs of doll shoes ordered from separate online vendors. 

The fashions are designed for 18-inch dolls, sold by an Emily Rose at Home consultant and friend.  I have not taken the time to dress or select an 18-inch doll in my collection to redress in these very well-made, very well-presented fashions.  I did want to take the time to share these here in the event that you or someone you know owns an 18-inch, American Girl-size doll in need of high-quality fashions*. 

I am very impressed with the ER service (there is usually only a 2-day arrival time after the order is placed); the ER fashions are presented in a gift box complete with lots of tissue paper; and as mentioned previously, they are of high quality.  I have ordered a total of four ER fashions and I am pleased with each one.

Here are the most recent two:

This yellow and white cheerleader outfit is adorable!

This pink Tee, denim jeans, and pink hobo-style purse ensemble, all with flower-power accents is also adorable!

As soon as time avails itself, I will redress a couple of my girls in these fashions and share pictures.


While ordering other doll odds and ends from recently, I browsed one of their dollar links  and found two pairs of velveteen shoes made to fit 32-inch and some 36-inch Playpal type dolls. Again, I have not had an opportunity to try these on any of my companion dolls, but I can never pass up a good doll-related deal and I wanted to share the information about it.  The shoes were less than $2 per pair!

*For questions about ER@ home fashions, to view the ER catalogue, or receive a catalogue, my friend Margaret will be more than happy to assist you.  Click here.

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  1. Debbie,

    I am so glad you received your outfits in a timely manner and that you are pleased. More importantly, I'm glad that you are pleased enough to give them such a positive review!

    Thanks for being a friend and a customer!

  2. The Emily Rose fashions look cheery and well-made. I like the contrasting topstitching on the jeans.

  3. I am loving that cheerleading outfit. Too cute!

  4. These are adorable! The cheerleading outfit is so cute!

  5. I am your dolls will look wonderful redressed in those outfits.


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