Monday, October 19, 2009

The Votes are In!

L-R Pretty as Is™ Ivy, Ivy Rose, and Rose

The poll closed this morning for the Pretty As Is™  dolls created by Madame Alexander exclusively for the Sisterhood Boutique.  Votes were for the favorite individual doll and for the combined trio.  The results are as follows:

Ivy received 27% of the votes
Ivy Rose received  6% of the votes
Rose received 27% of the votes
The trio received 40% of the votes

Individually, Ivy and Rose are faves, but most voters favor the trio as a whole! 

Additional information about this collection:  Dolls have been produced as limited editions, only 300 pieces each.  According to the Sisterhood Boutique's recent newsletter, they are celebrating their one-year anniversary (post creation of their first Ivy Rose doll, which is now sold out!)  The newsletter further states, "All orders placed for the Pretty As Is™ collection prior to Dec. 14, 2009 will be shipped from The Sisterhood Boutique™ between December 15 - December 22, 2009, for a Christmas Delivery."



  1. I voted for the pink dressed one; I like her eye shape best. They aren't playscale, but they are pretty.

  2. Rose is my favorite too for the same reason -- the eyes have it... I love their detail. I also like the texture of her hair.

  3. Question, how tall are these Dolls? I really would like to have one!

  4. The dolls are 16 inches, vinyl, and multiarticulated.

  5. Loved these dolls!

    I have been trying to find the "Ivy Rose" 2nd edition doll. (I purchased one of the first ones which sold out.)
    I also purchased the "Ivy" doll, and I really liked the "Rose" doll (but did not get one).
    Is the "Rose" doll available anywhere on the secondary market?

  6. My suggestion is to keep checking eBay for an Ivy Rose listing. There is currently a listing for Ivy, but no Ivy Rose. Use keywords in your eBay searches such as: Pretty As Is Ivy Rose, Madame Alexander Ivy Rose, and Sisterhood Boutique Ivy Rose. If you save the eBay searches, you will be notified when there are new listings. The current listing for Ivy can be seen here. I would also try emailing the seller of Ivy to see if Ivy Rose is available.

    Good luck in your search!



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