Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sew and Style Barbie

I assume this is the commercial my husband saw earlier today while lounging in the den with our grandsons with the TV on whatever children's channel they were watching. I was in my doll room/office, which is adjacent to the den when he yelled what I thought was, "Sew and Style Barbie?" to ask if I was interested. Without moving from my chair (because he lost me with the word "sew"), I repeated what I thought he said.  Then he said, "They're all black,"  which jogged my memory. I then replied, "Oh… So In Style Barbie. Those are the dolls that have sparked the controversy among mostly non-doll collectors." (He'd shared an article with me last week that described the dolls as ghetto!) "I already have them, remember?" I said.

dbg ◦


  1. hehehe that's funny... I remember that some of the vintage barbie collectors have sew free paks and other types of "pak" things and "sew" type thins that I don't really understand :S

  2. I like puns.

    Isn't it nice to "have gotten" a doll set before public hype.


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