Friday, February 3, 2012

School Girl Lizette

Lizette was redressed this morning in Heart 4 Heart Rahel's school fashion. Lizette's original tights had to be removed.  Otherwise, the skirt would be too tight.  Rahel's feet are flat and much larger than Lizette's high-heel feet.

The brown ankle boots she wears are by Somers and Field made for Daisy and Willow dolls from 2001.  These snug fitting boots were formerly worn by Antoinette Spice (who is now shoeless but still wears the rest of the Poor Boy Somers and Field fashion).

Lizette has successfully mixed and matched her new (temporary) look.  She thanks Rahel and Antoinette for assisting her.


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  1. I love her hair and clothes, what a cutie!

  2. I bought Rahel and was thinking about buying the outfit. It is a really cute outfit and looks very nice on her.

  3. Thanks EN!

    MDW -- I just love Rahel with her big old brown-eyed self. :-)

    I love this school outfit, too. I wish Heart 4 Hearts had more fashion choices for Lizette.


  4. I saw the other outfit first, then realized I hadn't seen the school girl outfit. This one is nice, but she does look a lot more comfortable in her Ethiopian outfit. She looks like her feet hurt in this pic. LOL.


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