Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet Felicity, Possibly Again

Felicity an OOAK Barbie
Felicity* arrived yesterday from Chynadoll Creations.  She patiently awaited my arrival at the post office where I was pleasantly surprised by her presence.

I knew her face looked familiar after removing her from the white bubble wrap envelope in the parking lot of the post office.  (I couldn't wait to get home to open it because I read the return address label in the PO lobby and knew something fabulous was inside.)  I didn't make the connection until several hours later when I saw her image on Facebook.  I backtracked and read Chynadoll's July January 27th entry, which confirmed my revelation.  Who knew the friend referred to in the statement, "Felicity was created for a fellow blogger friend of mine as a belated gift," referred to me.  :-)

Touched, honored, blessed are just a few of the emotions I continue to feel.

The gorgeous Felicity wears a strapless dress designed by Chynadoll.  She has additional handcrafted goodies: an Ebony magazine, an adorable little puppy, and a cell phone.  She also has a handbag by Mattel, as shown in the full-length image above (click to enlarge).

Close-up image of Felicity's gorgeous face and loosely curled, re-rooted locks
As described on her intro blog, Felicity has re-rooted, loosely curled brown hair with platinum blonde streaks.  Her alluring eyes are gray with the most beautifully feathered eye brows.  Her lilac lip color matches the main color of her print dress.  She has three tattoos; one on her chest, one on her left arm, and one on her left thigh.  The two larger ones are clearly butterflies.  I was told several years ago by a pathology resident at a local hospital that butterflies mean good luck.  I have loved them ever since.

Thanks so much Chynadoll for this very, very sweet surprise.  I love Felicity and will cherish her forever.

*Before realizing who Felicity was, I showed her to my husband and said, "She needs a name."  He said, "Britney."  So before I made the connection that Britney already had a name and that I had already seen her in cyberspace eight days prior, her name was Britney.  In fact, the original title of this blog was "Meet Britney." 


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  1. Again folks, Debbie and I are good friends:
    So my first reaction was you hepher. You got my hair. Then I remembered it was Sunday. ROFL hysterically. My second reaction was 'That is so awesome! I am so happy for you'. I love that doll.

  2. Felicity is lovely. Her creator is also a lovely, generous person. Thanks for sharing this beautiful gift.

  3. Vanessa -- I'm laughing at your first reaction, but I am certainly not apologizing for receiving Felicity. The hair is even prettier in person. Now go tell Tina. :-)

    I agree with you Limbe Dolls, Felicity is lovely and so is her creator.


  4. Felicity is beautiful!!! I love her hair. Congrats on getting her as a gift. Very nice of Chynadoll.

    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. You are very welcome :) I am happy she arrived safe and sound and that you like. Enjoy!


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