Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishing You Love, Peace, and Soul

Don Cornelius, creator of the popular and only African American syndicated dance show, "Soul Train," was found dead today from an apparent suicide.

I enjoyed watching Soul Train every Saturday morning as a teen.  My interest was in seeing the colorful fashions the teens wore, the girls' hairstyles, which entertainers would be featured, and of course watching the teens dance down the Soul Train line at the end of the show.  Good 1970s memories.

If he comitted suicide, obviously Mr. Cornelius's soul was troubled. Life choices and failing health may have contributed to his decision to end his life. We may never know, but I do know that life is too precious to allow outer forces to trouble us to this extent.  I hope he has found the love, peace, and soul he wished for us. 


Keeping this doll-related, in 1993, Mattel's Shani doll line featured Soul Train dolls, Shani, Jamal, Asha, and Nichelle as shown in the image below from chapter 3, page 55 of The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls.  The Shani doll line was the first of Mattel's dolls to include dolls that capture various shades of the African American skin color spectrum.

Shani Soul Train dolls by Mattel, 1993 (click the image to enlarge -- the dolls are stored, thus the option to photograph the page from my book)

There is a better image of the dolls on


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  1. So sad, but I also hope he found peace

  2. Sad to hear that. I used to watch "Soul Train," too.

    I hope he has found peace as well.

  3. May he rest in peace.

    I have these dolls too. TheShani line was so nice.

  4. The Soul Train Shani dolls make a fitting tribute to Don Cornelius. Thanks for sharing the images.

  5. It sadden my heart to read this as well. He's legacy shines the most to me as well as everything he has contributed. I do believe he is at peace now. The dolls are a wonderful tribute to him DBG. Love, Peace and Sooouuulll!

  6. Everyone -- you're welcome. I just found out the Centric channel is currently (as I type this) airing a Soul Train marathon in tribute to Don Cornelius.


  7. As someone who has been suicidal in the past, I hate that he reached that point. If nothing else, he's not in pain, mental or physical, now. My heart goes out to those he leaves behind.

  8. Such wonderful memories of watching Soul Train every chance I could. Even today, you are liable to see a soul train line break out at any moment. Thanks for sharing those dolls. I hadn't seen those before.

    If Don was suffering in his illness, I completely understand. We don't let our animals suffer with painful illnesses, I'm not sure why people have to either. His soul may not have been troubled. The pain may have just been unbearable.


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