Friday, February 24, 2012

First Ever National Pretty Brown Girl Day!

Pretty Brown Girl baby doll, Laila - Photo from

February 25, 2012, is National Pretty Brown Girl Day! The organization is calling for all girls and women across the globe to celebrate themselves, families, and friends as a way for brown girls of all ages, cultures, and ethnicities to empower themselves and boost their self-confidence. Pretty Brown Girls encourages families, youth mentoring groups, civic organizations and churches locally and nationally to embrace the differences among their youth. They feel (and I agree) it is important for girls to understand that no matter what their skin tone they are beautiful inside and out.

What Can You Do (They ask)?
  1. Host or Attend a Pretty Brown Girl Party to celebrate your fabulous uniqueness and take the PBG Pledge!
  2. Commit to finding a PBG mentee of whom you can Inspire, Empower, and Encourage!
  3. Decide how you will personally Dream Big and impact yourself, your family, and your community!
Visit their website for additional information about PBG Day and to view their products, which include the baby doll, Laila, shown above. 


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