Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OOAK Leather Dolls by Lorna Paris

For the past eight years (since 2004) my online doll group has either commissioned a doll artist to make our annual club doll or we have purchased and customized an identical artist or manufactured doll. Past manufacturers and artists of our club dolls have been My Twinn, Laura Tuzio Ross, Lorna Miller-Sands, Madame Alexander, Ping Lau, Diana E. Vining, and Berdine Creedy.  Diana made magnetic paper dolls for us.  All other dolls were three dimensional of vinyl or resin.

In 2011, we commissioned Lorna Paris to make our club doll. This was the first year our dolls were not identical. Lorna used various shades of brown leather to fashion our exquisite, approximately 12-inch, one-of-a-kind dolls.  Their facial features are hand painted .  The hand-applied hair varies in texture from straight to kinky-curly in various colors.   Lorna made their clothing, most of which is also leather, and in many cases she handcrafted their shoes.  Just like members of real families, the dolls, which could be sisters, possess unique personalities.

Each doll is hand-signed, numbered, and named by Lorna.  I created several collages to share collectively for the first time outside our group, these 17 beautiful chocolate leather gems.

View a slideshow of larger images here.

Aren't they "dollightful"?

To learn more about the artist, Lorna Paris, visit her on Facebook and "like" her page to receive updates. 


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