Friday, February 24, 2012

Before Glee

Back of Cut and Style Barbie's Box
Naya Rivera who plays the role of cheerleader Santana Lopez on the TV series Glee, is illustrated on the back of Cut and Style Barbie's box from 1994 as she gleefully enjoys doll play. 

I remember viewing her as an adorable African American child in 1990s TV commercials when she was about the age she appears on the back of Cut and Style Barbie's box.  I immediately recognized Rivera after examining this doll-less box, which was found (yes) while looking for my Mego Diana Ross.
Cut and Style Barbie, 1994, shown above to illustrate the length of her hair
Cut and Style Barbie was purchased new and has been on display along with other Barbies since the purchase date.

Before finally discarding the box, I photographed the back to share my Rivera discovery, but first I removed and stored the doll's accessories, which were still attached to the card in the box.  These include ponytail holders, a black hair extension, and child-safe orange scissors.  I never planned to cut and style the almost floor length hair.  Only a child would be tempted to cut it.

Another discovery is that Rivera's descent is described in an online bio as half Puerto Rican, quarter African, and quarter German.  In those 1990s commercials, she was typecast according to the color of her skin.


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  1. Good morning Debbie. I see you are still at it. I see I have missed quite a few of your posts the past few days. How did that happen? This doll has an interesting backstory.

    1. Good afternoon, now, Vanessa.

      As a young girl, Raven Symone was also used on doll boxes, too. It's interesting to rediscover dolls and learn things that went unnoticed when they were initially purchased.


  2. The mind boggles - what other treasures will you discover during your quest to find Miss Ross? LOL, I think you should consider a screenplay to submit to Steven Spielberg - Raiders of the Ross Ark.

  3. You have a delightful sense of humor miladyblue!




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